50 Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Computer Repair

If looking for a computer technician degree, there are many career paths available to you. But if you haven’t finished studying or you just want to avoid hefty repair fees, there are options for you. Fixing a broken computer isn’t as hard as it sounds and there are many repairs someone with a few minutes can learn. But taking the time to read the entire manual on a computer can take far longer than a few minutes.

Luckily, the web has lots of options both for those with broken computers and those who don’t like to read. To that end, we have collected 50 must see YouTube videos for DIY computer repair listed mostly by number of views. Whether taking on a nasty virus, upgrading your old system, or even bringing a laptop back from a watery grave, there are options for all.

Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY PC Computer Repair

Learn how to fix your PC without opening anything in these videos.

  1. How to Repair the Blue Screen
    If your computer isn’t working right, the blue or blank screen can be the bane of your problems. Over one million people have watched this video to see how to avoid it and how to get to Safe Mode. The user also has other similar videos.
  2. Make Your Computer Run Like New
    There’s a reason over 500,000 people have watched this video. It can show you how to turn any old computer into one that runs just like you. They even provide a link to the item.
  3. How to Make Your Internet Really Fast
    If the internet is where your computer really slows down, stop here. This video shows you how to make the most of your internet speed. Using your computers own systems is the key.
  4. How to Fix Your Computer Without Downloads
    If you already have AVG downloaded to your computer, you don’t have to do anything to try and fix it. This simple, ten minute video shows you how to use it to fix your computer using the free software.
  5. Computer Startup Problems Fixed
    If starting up your computer is the issue, click here. This user shows how to repair a computer that doesn’t start correctly. It is for Windows XP but can be applied to the others.
  6. How to Fix a Slow Computer
    If you suspect registry errors could be the source of your problems, stop here. This video shows you how and where to go to fix it. The item is called Registry Fix.
  7. 100 % CPU Usage
    Ever hear that people don’t use all of their brains? There’s also a similar saying for computers. In this video, you can see which files are running at maximum capacity and how to fix the ones that need it the most.
  8. How to Fix a Slow PC
    This tech from eHow shows you just what’s in the title. He shows you how to use the PC’s own software to speed up performance. How to turn off background programs and defrag is also shared.
  9. How to Fix a Computer
    Dave Andrews returns again to show how to fix a broken PC. Some of the most common issues, including hardware and software, are discussed. He also shows how to fix some of the software issues.
  10. How to Fix Your Computer for Good
    Mark is a certified expert with years of experience working on computers. In this video, he shows you the basics of being your own computer repairman. The tools of the trade are also discussed.

Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Mac Computer Repair

If your computer is an Apple, check out these DIY repairs.

  1. How to Fix a Mac Book Power Adapter
    Over 100,000 people have stopped by to check out this DIY repair. Some basic tools are used and those looking to not void their warranties should stay away. However, those who have a knack can find useful tips here.
  2. Fix Your Mac Book Power Adapter
    Alex is a new Mac user and shows how to bring a hand-me-down Mac back to life. This quick DIY fix shows you how to extend the life of your power supply. It involves some computer cable.
  3. How to Fix Your Mighty Mouse
    The Mac mouse is also susceptible to damage. Fix it the DIY way by checking out this YouTube video. Only a few basic household supplies are needed.
  4. Clean Up Your Mac
    If your Mac isn’t running clean, stop here. The user shows how to utilize the disk utility feature that comes with Macs. Simply follow along.
  5. How to Make Your Mac Run Faster
    Even if your Mac is running, why not check out this video to make it run faster? A free app just for Macs is shared, along with how to use it. Be sure not to force quit the program when running it.
  6. Mac OS X Tips and Tricks
    If your Mac runs on OS X, check out these top tips and tricks for making it work better. A few keyboard shortcuts are shared.
  7. 3 Tips for New Mac Users
    If you still need some help adjusting to Mac, stop here. This short video features three essential tips for newcomers. How to use the icon, dock, and windows are shared.
  8. Top 30 Mistakes by New Mac Users
    Keep from having to fix your Mac by knowing what not to do. Gareth shares his posting on why and how Mac users go wrong. When to close applications, using Google, and keyboard shortcuts are just some of them.
  9. How to Fix Mac Book Booting Problems
    This video shows you how to fix Mac Books that won’t boot. Shane Murphy is the technology guru for About.com. In this video, he shows you a few easy techniques for fixing the problem.
  10. Ice T Presents Mac Repair
    Rapper Ice T shares his philosophy for repairing his Mac Book. A hammer and some foul language is used. Not for those big on Mac love or young children.

Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Virus Computer Repair

A computer virus can come in all shapes and sizes, as can the videos for doing a DIY fix.

  1. How to Remove a Virus Without Using Antivirus Program
    Nearly one million people have watched this DIY computer repair video. A few simple steps are shared in just over seven minutes. Start with the command prompt.
  2. How to Delete a Virus Manually
    No money to spend on anti-virus software or time to download stuff? Then check out this video to manually remove viruses. It simply shows how to use the Task Manager to accomplish this.
  3. How to Delete All Computer Virus Fast and Free
    Get a guide to the above as well as catchy techno music on this video. Safe Mode, downloads, and more are all featured. Also good for those who already have Spybot Search and Destroy.
  4. How to Remove Viruses and Spyware Manually
    Never heard of the Botts Technique? Then watch this video to learn what it is. Two parts show how to stop viruses and spyware before they start here.
  5. How to Remove Any Virus From Your Computer
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a virus, Trojan, malware, or other, this video can help you. It is a guide for Malware Bytes that is free and can help with any problem. This user actually has a virus and shows how Malware helped.
  6. Top 5 Deadliest Computer Viruses
    Know how to fix your computer before it breaks by watching this YouTube video. CNET and McAfee team up to share what they are and how you get them. The worst one was the infamous Iloveyou email asking to open an attachment.
  7. Trojan Virus Removal
    The ZLOB virus was giving this computer repairman a lot of issues, so he made this video. In it, he shares four or five steps to see if you have it and how to get rid of it. A knowledge of registry is also useful.
  8. Manually Remove Trojan Virus
    Another computer expert shares his knowledge on computer repair. He shows you how to use your computer’s own software to counter it. The ZLOB virus is also mentioned.
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Test
    If this is your current or prospective virus stopper, click here. This young user shows how the program works and even its kid friendly features. He also explains how to use its options.
  10. Learn Security Essentials
    If you still need more help on the above, stop here for a video from Mahalo. They help many visitors learn many things, including DIY computer repair. Tips for downloading and running are shared.

Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Internal Computer Repair

Grab your power drill and other tools for these DIY computer fixes.

  1. How to Build a PC
    Think only highly skilled factory workers can do it? Then stop her to get a highly viewed video on how to do it yourself. Which components you need and how to place them all together is shared.
  2. How to Install a Graphics Card
    Every computer needs one, and some even need upgrades. Because new games often require bigger graphics, cards can often need changing. This video shows you how and without having to buy a new PC.
  3. PC Repairs for Dummies
    Pete from Australia shows the every user how to maintain and repair your computer. The very first episode is how to fix no power to monitor. There are also many other videos by him.
  4. PC Cleaning
    This isn’t just something you do with software. Cleaning and dusting the inside and outside of a computer is also important. This episode of NCIX Tech Tips shows you how with a can of compressed air.
  5. How to Open a Locked Computer
    Did you lock yourself out of your own computer? Then check out this video from Drostie on how to get through it with a simple screwdriver. An Antec Sonata case is used as an example.
  6. How to Upgrade Your Video Card
    If you’re a gamer, you might want to check out this video. It shows how you can switch out cards for better gaming. They even give tips for how much to spend on a new video card.
  7. How to Upgrade the Memory in Your Computer
    Is your hard drive all full up with information? Don’t buy a new one just yet. This YouTube video shows you how to upgrade your memory without buying a new machine.
  8. A+ Computer Repair
    Are you ready to learn computer repair like the pro’s? Then click here to get a free, online course for that. The first lesson is on Netstat, and there are others available on the site.
  9. How to Fix Overheating CPU
    Those who have computers that run hot should stop here. This YouTube poster had a CPU that was running at 57 degrees Celsius. He shows, step by step, how to fix it.
  10. How to Upgrade RAM
    This functions as the computer’s short term memory and can affect performance speed. This user shows you how to see what your current RAM is and how to upgrade it. Removing the old cards and replacing them with new ones are also discussed.

Other Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Computer Repair

Get the best of the rest in computer repair here.

  1. How to Use Your Computer to Fix Your Car
    What good is a running computer if you can’t get anywhere? Scotty Kilmer is a mechanic with 40 years of experience and shows how to use your computer to fix your own car. He also has many other related videos here.
  2. How to Start a Computer Repair Business
    If you’ve learned plenty in the above, stop here. This expert fixer of computers shares how to start your own computer repair business. His main site has more.
  3. Fix Your PC With a Crystal Pendulum
    When people think of pendulums, they think of those dangly things that are used for hypnosis. In this video, the user shows how to use a pendulum to channel the “mystical energy field” of the computer. Must have a sense of humor to watch.
  4. Can Stores That Sell Computers Also Fix Them?
    Thinking of getting someone else to fix your computer? Then check out this investigative video on how super stores fix computers. Three national chains are investigated.
  5. How to Fix a Broken Keyboard
    If your keyboard is functioning perfectly except for one key, stop here. The site helps give you replacement parts so that new equipment doesn’t have to be purchased. This particular video is for a Dell keyboard.
  6. How to Clean and Fix a Mouse
    The keyboard isn’t the only item that can go wrong. Check out this video to show how to clean and maintain a mouse so you won’t need to do repairs. All you need is a cloth and alcohol.
  7. How to Repair Laptop Adapter
    This user had an adapter that broke on him. In this video, he shows how to fix it yourself. He also has other useful DIY computer repair videos.
  8. How to Fix a Black Screen Laptop
    If you have a laptop that just won’t start, click here. The short video shows you how to open the back panel and do some basic repairs. It also includes onscreen instructions.
  9. How to Fix a Water Damaged Laptop
    It happens to the best of us. A spilled cup of water onto the laptop. Learn how to avoid this costly mistake and bring your computer back with the help of this wacky poster.
  10. Laptop Replacement Screen
    If your laptop needs a new screen, you don’t have to be a new one. This video shows you how to switch out LCD screens. Click on their main site for more.


Destroy It
Finally, if you can’t fix a broken computer, this is the video for you. It shows the top ten ways to destroy one that is good for nothing else. Fire, a bulldozer, cheese, and other methods are shared.

Be sure and use caution whenever following the above 50 must see YouTube videos for DIY computer repair. Some can void your warranty, and computers that are still under warranty can offer tech help over the phone or web.