50 Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Computer Repair

If looking for a computer technician degree, there are many career paths available to you. But if you haven’t finished studying or you just want to avoid hefty repair fees, there are options for you. Fixing a broken computer isn’t as hard as it sounds and there are many repairs someone with a few minutes can learn. But taking the time to read the entire manual on a computer can take far longer than a few minutes.

Luckily, the web has lots of options both for those with broken computers and those who don’t like to read. To that end, we have collected 50 must see YouTube videos for DIY computer repair listed mostly by number of views. Whether taking on a nasty virus, upgrading your old system, or even bringing a laptop back from a watery grave, there are options for all.

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15 Common Myths About Computer Repair

If you love to tinker with computers, you may have debunked some myths about computer repair already. For instance, you may have learned that you probably won’t get a reputable computer repair job unless you obtain certification. That said, this list of 15 common myths about computer repair may be somewhat controversial, depending upon your perspective, the type of computer you use and the software you install. Overall, however, most computers and computer users can encounter the following issues:

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Top 10 Computer Repair Forums and Message Boards

For most of us, the minute our computers hiccup, we’re ready for damage control. This may mean restarting or the go-to tactic for many – unplugging the modem. Still, it can be tough to gauge what your computer needs when it starts to act up. If you’re new to diagnosing your own computer troubles or you have a lot of experience with wanting to throw your PC out the window, messageboards, forums and websites on the matter will help you get comfortable with troubleshooting your problems so you can get back to work (or, you know, watching YouTube videos).

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