Computer Technician Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you’re interested in becoming a computer technician, earning a degree is the fastest way to start working in this industry. Unfortunately, degrees can be rather expensive. Financial aid is available to students to help cover these costs, but you do have to take the time to do a bit of research and apply. To help, let’s go over some of the forms of financial aid, where you can find sources, and how to apply.

Types of Financial Aid

The two major types of financial aid out there are grants and scholarships. Both are “free” sources of money for college. Grants are given based on financial need, while scholarships are given based on merit (like a high GPA or special talent). Grants usually require you to disclose financial information about you or your family (if you still live with your parents), while scholarships may or may not require you to write an essay talking about your educational goals or achievements. Other types of financial aid include students loans, which have to be repaid but are available at a relatively low interest rate, and reimbursement programs, which are available for those already working in the computer technician industry who have employers willing to foot the bill for advanced education.

Where to Find Financial Aid

You can start you financial aid search with, a website that collects information about scholarships and grants from around the world. Outside organizations offer a variety of funds for computer technician students – a few that have ofered them in the past and may have funds available this year as well include the Information Assurance initiative and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Colleges (if you’re going to school in this area). In addition, specific schools also offer scholarships and grants to students and all students who are in financial need and earning a bachelor’s degree should apply for the Federal Pell Grant.

How to Apply

The best piece of advice for applying for financial aid is this: follow the rules. Always make sure you meet deadlines – even a day late is enough to disqualify you from most forms of financial aid. Make sure that your application is filled out in full and you understand where to mail or email it. Lastly, have a friend, parent, or teacher proofread your application to make sure you send the best copy possible.

Guide to Computer Technician Training Schools

Kaplan University AASIT – Network Administration AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Network Administration BS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Management BSIT – Database Systems Kaplan University – Kaplan University, a highly-rated leader in higher education, offers a huge variety of degrees relating to computer technicians. These degrees are accredited and available through online courses, providing convenience to students with unpredictable schedules. These programs are designed for students who want to become network administrators, IT support, database managers and systems engineers.
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South University AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Admin BSIT – Network Admin MS – Network Technologies and Management South University – South University is an accredited, nation-wide provider of top online degrees and certificate programs. SU has many degrees available in the technology field, including those that allow students to pursue careers as computer technicians. With these degrees, students will be able to become IT specialists, database administrators, network administrators, or network managers.
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American InterContinental University BIT – Network Administration BIT – Computer Systems American InterContinental University – AIU is one of the best providers of accredited, industry-driven courses that allow students to succeed in high-demand positions. The online degrees available quickly place students in the middle of a fast-growing industry that shows no signs of stopping. These degrees are designed for students who are interested in careers as network administrators or computer systems technicians.
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