Computer Technician Salary Information

If you have an interest in computers and networking, why not turn that hobby into a career with a computer technician degree? As a computer tech, you can do a job you love, all while working toward an increasingly higher salary. Computer techs work in several industries, so this is a great job if you have varied interests and want to work with technology but aren’t sure how. Let’s take a look at some of your options and the salaries you can expect to receive in these positions.

Computer Technician Base Salary

There are a number of factors that can change what you receive as a computer technician, but on average, you can expect to see an annual pay rate of between $30,000 and  $47,000 annually. As you start working in this field, expect to be on the low end of that scale, but as you gain experience and are able to complete more complicated tasks, your pay rate will rise. Keep in mind that these figures include the roughly $400 to $2500 computer technicians can expect to earn in bonuses on an annual basis.

Factors that Affect Salary

A number of factors affect the salary you’ll receive – this isn’t just limited to experience. Location plays a major role in determining what you can expect to make as a computer technician. For example, computer techs in Pennsylvania make up to around $45,000 annually, while computer techs in New York make up to about $55,000 annually. Other factors that could play a role in determining your salary include the type of employer you work for, company size, whether or not you hold a management position, and, in this industry, what you make in commission. While computer tech jobs are not traditional sales jobs, some companies have an employee payment structure set up where you earn your salary based on the work you do.

Computer Technician Perks

Along with your salary and bonuses, keep in mind that you’ll likely also receive a benefits package if you are a full time worker in the computer tech industry. This package can include perks such as health and dental coverage, paid vacation days, paid transportation expenses, an employee discount, and more.

Guide to Computer Technician Training Schools

Kaplan University AASIT – Network Administration AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Network Administration BS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Management BSIT – Database Systems Kaplan University – Kaplan University, a highly-rated leader in higher education, offers a huge variety of degrees relating to computer technicians. These degrees are accredited and available through online courses, providing convenience to students with unpredictable schedules. These programs are designed for students who want to become network administrators, IT support, database managers and systems engineers.
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South University AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Admin BSIT – Network Admin MS – Network Technologies and Management South University – South University is an accredited, nation-wide provider of top online degrees and certificate programs. SU has many degrees available in the technology field, including those that allow students to pursue careers as computer technicians. With these degrees, students will be able to become IT specialists, database administrators, network administrators, or network managers.
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American InterContinental University BIT – Network Administration BIT – Computer Systems American InterContinental University – AIU is one of the best providers of accredited, industry-driven courses that allow students to succeed in high-demand positions. The online degrees available quickly place students in the middle of a fast-growing industry that shows no signs of stopping. These degrees are designed for students who are interested in careers as network administrators or computer systems technicians.
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