Different Career Paths for Computer Technicians

If working with technology interests you, becoming a computer technician might be the perfect job. In this role, you’ll work with hardware, software, networking, peripherals, and more. Your exact duties depend on the job you take after completing your computer technician degree. Here’s some information about the different career paths you can consider:

Computer Technician Tasks

Your computer technician training will prepare you for a number of tasks include troubleshooting computers that aren’t working correctly, installing updates and new software, connecting peripherals, building network connections, repairing computer hardware, configuring computers for the end user, providing user support, making hardware and software recommendations, and more. Some computer technicians work with smaller companies as the sole computer technician, doing all of these tasks. Other computer technicians work as part of a team, specializing in a specific task.

Where Computer Technicians Work

Your career path options as a computer technician depend, in large part, on where you work. Lots of different types of employers hire computer technicians. Are you more interested in solving problems? Consider working for a computer repair service. Would you rather build new computers or work in sales? Retail locations might be better options for you. If you like diversity in daily tasks, consider working for a small business where technology is important for daily operations, but computers are not the primary business focus. You could also consider computer technician work from afar – at a customer service hotline or in a customer service chat room, you’ll work with individuals via phone or Internet to solve problems they’re having with their computers. Everyone from educational institutes to hospitals to government departments works with computer technicians, so you really do have your pick of industries with this career field.

Advanced Computer Technician

As with any field, as a computer technician, you can move on to work in advanced fields as well. Many computer technicians go back school for computer engineering, which will build upon your education as a computer technician so you qualify for even more advanced jobs in this industry. You can also consider an advanced degree in a related area, such as health informatics or business networking, which allows you to work in higher-level roles within a specific industry.

Guide to Computer Technician Training Schools

Kaplan University AASIT – Network Administration AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Network Administration BS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Management BSIT – Database Systems Kaplan University – Kaplan University, a highly-rated leader in higher education, offers a huge variety of degrees relating to computer technicians. These degrees are accredited and available through online courses, providing convenience to students with unpredictable schedules. These programs are designed for students who want to become network administrators, IT support, database managers and systems engineers.
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South University AAS – Information Technology BSIT – Database Admin BSIT – Network Admin MS – Network Technologies and Management South University – South University is an accredited, nation-wide provider of top online degrees and certificate programs. SU has many degrees available in the technology field, including those that allow students to pursue careers as computer technicians. With these degrees, students will be able to become IT specialists, database administrators, network administrators, or network managers.
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American InterContinental University BIT – Network Administration BIT – Computer Systems American InterContinental University – AIU is one of the best providers of accredited, industry-driven courses that allow students to succeed in high-demand positions. The online degrees available quickly place students in the middle of a fast-growing industry that shows no signs of stopping. These degrees are designed for students who are interested in careers as network administrators or computer systems technicians.
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