Top 10 Computer Repair Forums and Message Boards

For most of us, the minute our computers hiccup, we’re ready for damage control. This may mean restarting or the go-to tactic for many – unplugging the modem. Still, it can be tough to gauge what your computer needs when it starts to act up. If you’re new to diagnosing your own computer troubles or you have a lot of experience with wanting to throw your PC out the window, messageboards, forums and websites on the matter will help you get comfortable with troubleshooting your problems so you can get back to work (or, you know, watching YouTube videos).

  1. PC Tech Bytes There’s really no computer problem too large or small for this fantastic messageboard. Unlike others that assume the standard PC user has a hefty knowledge of fixing computers, the users at this forum are always eager to lend a hand, even for obvious problems.

  2. Computer Juice Forums This troubleshooting site is for those who have more experience with computers, as the threads are aimed at specific issues. Look around for help with your printer or digital camera too, since this crowd is tech-savvy across the board.

  3. Technibble Forums This forum focuses on everything from basic computer troubleshooting to web developer issues and beyond. It’s definitely for those who are well-versed in the computer repair department, but users are easy to talk to and ready for basic questions from newbies.

  4. Bleeping Computer This site is packed with troubleshooting tips for both Macs and PCs. There’s a forum, glossary and tutorials on how to repair your computer’s most common problems. It’s a well-organized site that everyone should bookmark for their computer repair needs.

  5. Computer Repair Forums This site is aimed at professional IT people who are having trouble with computers or sharing information with others. It does require you to sign up to peruse the forum, but it’s well worth it since you’ll be tapping into the knowledge of professionals, not Joe Schmo who thinks he’s the next Bill Gates.

  6. Computer Repair Forum New York This site mentions New York in its name, but beyond that, it’s for everyone and anyone who needs help repairing a computer. It also discusses computer repair hot spots in New York and gets specific about computer repair issues according to brand.

  7. Computer Repair Flow Charts For every common computer repair problem, you can expect a handy flow chart at this site. This flow chart shows you the problem you’re dealing with, why and how to fix it. There are also forums for spyware and standard software like Windows XP.

  8. CyberTechs Messageboard This messageboard isn’t exclusive to computer repair info, as it also shares tips on troubleshooting TVs, cable boxes and stereo systems. Still, the crowd is knowledgeable enough to know where their limits are and never share information they aren’t sure will work.

  9. The Peoples’ PC Repair We love this helpful messageboard because it divies up computer problems into forums like software and hardware problems. Plus, there’s asection for newbies where you’ll find the answers to simple computer issues.

  10. Computer Repair Check the archived posts at this computer repair blog for troubleshooting tips and tricks. This site goes beyond computer repair 101 and also offers ideas on how to improve your computer’s “health” so it’s always in the best condition and performing well.

The next time your computer overreacts to some filesharing, you’ll be able to consult these top computer repair forums and blogs for help. Remember that maintenance on your computer is integral to helping your computer run fast and last longer. Once a month, sit down and clear space and load any important documents onto a memory card in case your computer fries. You can always get a new computer, but pictures of your kid’s first Christmas can only live on if it’s backed up.